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St. Maurice’s Anniversary!

This year the family at St. Maurice celebrated its 40th  anniversary!  Information about the parish and its story can be  found by choosing the Across the Years or the 40 Years of Joy tabs  from the posts in the Current Affairs posts on the home page.  Pictures can be found in the album.

World Food Day

Each year the Food and Agriculture Organization  of the United Nations designates October 16 to be World Food Day. It is dedicated to the eradication of hunger. Here at St. Maurice we are busy working to eradicate hunger and thirst year round.


St. Maurice’s Hunger Program

We have many ministries at St. Maurice. The Hunger  Program is our parish wide ministry. To be a part of the Family of the Stable is to be a member of the Hunger Program.  The Program supports the work of persons  around the world in selected projects to eliminate hunger and thirst. 

Country Fair

The funds used to support the projects are raised mainly through the efforts of  members of the parish and others who work with us on the Country Fair.

Volunteers set up the booths and  games for people who come to the fair.  Fair goers  enjoy traditional  games of chance  as well as music and dance.  People bring their hunger and thirst  because the quality of the food served is first quality and in itself is a real draw.  The fair includes carnival rides and entertainment .

The Fair has been very successful. As our Hunger Program Directors report in their Hunger News in the bulletin,  ” The community of St Maurice is a light shining in   the darkness of world hunger. For over thirty years we have been contributing over S130, 000 annually to hunger projects here in the United States and around the world. We fund school lunch programs, food for the elderly poor,  food banks for migrants, food for orphans and meals for the homeless.”

 (Take the time to read the report in the bulletin!) 

So  much work and so little time!. The need is great so come and work. Set up and prepare the property for Country Fair. Work at the Fair!

Then come and  have  fun to help the hungry and thirsty.  

Finally, join in the take down and put away to complete the work of the Fair.

Dont Forget These Events!

The Women’s Club Bake Sale on the Deck next Sunday October 24

Forever Young Seniors Thursday October 21 from 1 PM to 3:30 PM. 

Important Notice Changes in Location:

Just Faith, Parish Council and Finance Committee meetings  will take place at the Resurrection Church Site.

A Good Read!

Meredith Shuster shares a special kind of holiday home coming in In Our Own Words. It adds a special meaning to Welcome Home. It’s a beautiful story. Another great read is Deacon Norm Carroll’s book, Miracles, Messages & Metaphors: Unlocking the Wisdom of  the Bible.

Great Photo Albums – Some of Our Best Memories!

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The Music of the Stable

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