Advanced Cleaning Tips For Laminate Flooring

When we install laminate floor we are amazed at the shine and the quality we receive.  When it comes to cleaning these floors, you want to take your time and really ensure you don’t do damage in the cleaning process. 

To start with you don’t have to mop the floor every day.  You actually want to mop your floors every two months.  For those that have laminate flooring in casselberry fl, over cleaning can be just as damaging as not cleaning enough.

Don’t use too much water

You want to less water than you would on other types of floors.  Laminate floors have a protective coating that resists dirt and stains.  When you use water it could start to wear away at this coating and even get in under the flooring causing it to bubble up.  When mopping the floors, you want to have the mop as dry as possible.

Read labels

It is important that you read labels on the products that you are using.  These products should have the label stating that they are made for laminate floors.  If the product doesn’t say made for or is safe for laminate floors, you will want to avoid them at all costs.  You might get away with it once, but the damage will have been done.

Remove items stuck to your floor like you would your hair

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If you were to get gum and other items into your hair, it is recommended that you use ice.  The same goes for your laminate floors.  If you get gum or other sticky products like candle wax on the floor you want to use a bag of ice to loosen up the materials and then a plastic knife or scraper to remove the actual product.  The plastic will protect against scrapes and scratches.  Just be careful in what you are doing and how you do it.