Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putman

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The new chief of Florida’s food banks, Robin Safley is a former state agricultural commissioner who agrees with Putman that it is necessary to redefine what poverty is. Safley says, “We can’t forget the working poor that are still having a hard time meeting the needs of their family around food and may or may not qualify for government assistance. It’s not enough to just hand out food. We really have to understand why people are in line in the first place.” She wants to create a more sustainable supply of food so that there is adequate food available year round- not abundance at some times and a scarcity of food at others. In 2014 the state network of food banks distributed 107 million pounds of food to Florida families- most including children under 18 or seniors over 70.

The St. Maurice Hunger Program is helping to feed the hungry people in Florida. We provide support to two food pantries here in Broward County. We help Manna Share a Meal, which is a food pantry located in Davie and the Hallandale Food Pantry located in Hallandale. Both of these pantries feed the elderly, families in distress and the homeless. One Saturday a month the St. Maurice Share a Meal feeds the homeless at the Broward Outreach. We also support two programs that feed the migrants and other poor people in Okeechobee. One is through Big Lake Mission Outreach, and the other is a food pantry located at Sacred Heart Church which we began supporting in November.

The annual Hunger Awareness Dinner was held on January 16 at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Through the generosity of those who attended and supported this event, we were able to raise $11,059.00 to help those in need. Thank you to all, and a special thanks to the Men’s Club for cooking the delicious dinner and to all the volunteers who helped with the setup and serving.

The Sun Sentinel recently featured a report on “Hidden Hunger” which revealed in detail how so many seniors are struggling to put food on the table. We were blessed to have Diane Lade, the reporter who wrote the above mentioned article, as our guest speaker where she provided a firsthand look at what HIDDEN HUNGER is and how our community is impacted by it.

Since then, we have invited Diane Lade to meet with us to determine how we can be of help in alleviating this growing concern in and for our community. We will be advising you how St. Maurice and other churches, as a family, can share in bringing help to those in need. Your support is greatly needed to feed the hungry here in Florida and around the world.

God bless you for your devotion to the poor.

Will You Have Mercy?

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Will You Have Mercy?

In this Holy Year of Mercy, let us live with the clear mission to rediscover and make fruitful the mercy of Jesus Christ. The motto for this special Jubilee year, Merciful like the Father, is an invitation to follow His compassionate example asking us to offer forgiveness and love without measure.

The corporal and spiritual works of mercy provide us with direction on how to practice this authentic love in our daily lives. In essence, we are called to give of ourselves to others, most especially to those who need it, and if we open our hearts, we will find countless chances to do so. Your support of the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD) is the perfect opportunity to answer the call to be merciful by helping those most in need.

The money you entrust to the Archdiocese of Miami is used to support the works of mercy. Together we are able to educate and evangelize; support struggling parishes and school; assist in the formation of families and priest. And, through multiples charities, we are able to care for the sick, the elderly, the immigrants, the less fortunate, and the spiritually poor- all of us need God’s word the sacraments, and the teaching of the Church.

Will you be merciful like Father? Will you continue to open the door for us all to unite to spread the Good News and bring spiritual and physical hope to those in need? Please support this year’s ABCD by making a gift now. Thank you.

Tendrá usted Misericordia?

En este Año Santo de la Misericordia, vivamos con la clara misión de redescubrir y hacer fructífera la misericordia de Jesucristo. El lema de este año jubilar, Misericordiosos como el Padre, es una invitación a seguir. Su ejemplo compasivo, nos pide ofrecer perdón y amor sin medida.

Las obras corporales y espirituales de misericordia nos proporcionan orientación sobre cómo practicar este auténtico amor en nuestra vida cotidiana. En esencia, estamos llamados a dar de nosotros mismos a los demás, sobre todo a aquellos que lo necesitan, y si abrimos nuestros corazones, nos encontraremos con un sinnúmero de posibilidades para hacerlo. Su apoyo a la Campaña de Caridades y Desarrollo de Arzobispo (ABCD) es la oportunidad perfecta para responder a este llamado a ser misericordiosos, ayudando a los más necesitados.

El dinero que usted confía a la Arquidiócesis de Miami se utiliza para apoyar a las obras de misericordia. Juntos somos capaces de educar y evangelizar; de apoyar a las parroquias y escuelas que confrontan dificultades económicas; de ayudar a la formación de las familias y sacerdotes. Y, a través de múltiples obras de caridad, somos capaces de atender a los enfermos, a los ancianos, a los inmigrantes, a los menos afortunados y alos espiritualmente pobres: a todos aquellos de nosotros que necesitan de la palabra de Dios, de los sacramentos y la enseñanzas de la Iglesia.

Será? Usted misericordioso como el Padre? Seguirá? abriendo las puertas para que todos nos unamos en difundir la Buena Nueva y llevar esperanza espiritual y física a los necesitados? Por favor, apoye ahora el ABCDC de este año mediante una contribución.


2016 ABCD – 1/10/16

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As we begin the 2016 year, let us reflect on the many blessings in our lives. When we truly believe that all we have is a gift from God, then we must be willing to give up some things so that we can share our blessings as God intended. Living a stewardship lifestyle means not only being responsible for our own life, but the lives of others as well.

Jesus teaches us that we are called to serve one another. Sacrifice is not a word that many people like to hear. We think it means that we must give up something that we want. However, the literal meaning of sacrifice is “to make holy,” from the words of “sacer” meaning sacred and “facere” meaning to make. In other words, we make our lives holy by sharing our gifts in the service of God.

Soon we will be asking you to make a contribution to this year’s ABCD, please take this time to prayerfully consider what sacrificial gift you will be able to place at God’s service.

If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all. Mark 9:35.

Al comenzar el año 2016, reflexionemos sobre las muchas bendiciones que tenemos en nuestras vidas. Cuando realmente creemos que todo lo que tenemos es un regalo de Dios, entonces debemos estar dispuestos a renunciar a algunas cosas para poder compartir nuestras bendiciones como Dios manda. Vivir la vida según el estilo de la mayordomía significa no sólo ser responsables de nuestra propia vida, sino de las vidas de los demás.

Jesús nos enseña que estamos llamados a servirnos los unos a los otros. “Sacrificio” no es una palabra que a mucha gente le gusta oír. Creemos que esto significa que debemos renunciar a algo que queremos. Sin embargo, el significado literal de sacrificio es “santificar”, hacer que algo sea santo, y proviene de las palabras latinas sacer, que significa sagrado, y facere, que significa hacer. En otras palabras, hacemos que nuestra vida sea santa compartiendo nuestros dones al servicio de Dios.

Pronto les pediremos que hagan una contribución al ABCD de este año; por favor, dedique este tiempo a considerar en oración qué donativo sacrificial será usted capaz de poner al servicio de Dios.

Si alguno quiere ser el primero, que sea el último de todos y el servidor de todos. Marcos 9:35.

Men’s Club Valentines Dance Feb 12

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The Men’s Club will be holding its annual Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance on Saturday,
February 12th at 7:00pm Dinner will be held in the Social Hall and be your choice of either Beef Stroganoff Flounder.

Cost is $25.00 and includes beverages. Tickets will be on sale after the masses on Sunday and in the Office or call Ken Majeski at 954-448-1183
Looking forward to seeing you there!

“School days, school days dear old golden rule days”

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“School days, school days dear old golden rule days”
The lazy days of summer are over, and the students have returned to school. Some will miss the beach, family trips and playing with friends, but for others being back in school means not being hungry. Realizing that children need proper nutrition to learn and grow, the Broward County School and Nutrition Services is providing free breakfast to all students every school day. The slogan Power Up has been chosen to emphasize the important role that good nutrition plays in a child’s ability to learn. When I was a teacher, I had students tell that they hadn’t had any breakfast and were hungry. I would send them to the cafeteria where they would be given a peanut butter sandwich and a carton of milk. I’m sure that they were embarrassed to have to ask for help, so it makes me happy that all Broward County students have access to a free breakfast which energizes them and makes them ready to learn.
The St. Maurice Hunger Program places a high priority on nutrition for children, also. Six of our projects provide funding for school lunch programs. Two are located in the Dominican Republic, one in the Philippines, two in Haiti and one in Jamaica. We also help to feed children in seven residential settings in Haiti, Guatemala, India, and the Philippines. In addition to these projects, we provide funding for food pantries which feed families here in Florida and in Africa, and a mother and child nutrition program in Bolivia. We want to follow the example ofJesus who demonstrated his concern for the poor by feeding the hungry.
Tluee of our projects received their annual reviews at the July 27th Hunger Board meeting. The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd Home located in Port au Prince, Haiti houses and feeds 20-40 homeless and orphaned children. Project Leader Shel McCartney recommended that the annual filnding of $3,000 be continued. The St. Joseph Social Welfare Project in Vellamadam, India consists of a home for orphaned children, and a home and a job training program for widows. Support is also provided to a nearby leper colony. Chuck Kelley is the project leader for this program, and he recommended that annual support of $4,000 be renewed. Sisters at the House of Mercy in Tacloban City, Philippines feed a total of 240 children weekly. These are less fortunate children from the surrounding area. Project leader Lucille Lussier recommended that the funding of $6,000 be continued.
As our Country Fair song tells us “Soon and very soon we are going to have a fair.” We ask all the members of our church family for their support. The Hunger Program receives 50 % of the profits from the Fair, which is a major source of funding for the program so we need your help.
God bless you for your help in feeding the poor, especially God’s little ones.
The Board of Directors of the Hunger Program

Women of St. Maurice at Resurrection…

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Ever wonder what a weekend retreat is like?

From Friday evening until Sunday afternoon our women’s retreat will be based on a central theme. There are scheduled talks, workshops with prayer services, reconciliation and Mass.
Team members offer individual spiritual direction and there is free time for personal prayer and rest (horizontal meditation). This is your retreat you can pick and choose the activity. Factor in six wonderful meals prepared by a professional Chef and a clean, quiet, private room and you get the picture. All this is simply a means to free you to connect with God by setting aside the work-a-day world. Sounds good? Mark the dates: September 11-13 at Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center. More information in the back of church…let’s chat.

From the Pastor’s Desk – 8/9/15

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Dear Parish Family,
Well it’s the early part of August and summer is coming to an end. Children will be returning to school in a few weeks and our CCD program will begin at the end of this month. l believe that this coming year is going to be exciting.
For example, Pope Francis is coming to our country towards the end of September and we will all be watching the news on our TV sets feeling very thankful that we have a pope like him.
For example, we have a new Parish Council that will be working hard in the coming months to help us rebuild our parish.
For example, we have a new ministry called “Under the Tree” that is doing the work of evangelizing. Some members of our Latino community meet every Tuesday evening under a tree in a mobile home community and are reaching out to other Latinos who haven’t been to church in many years. They are teaching these good people about our faith and telling them that we care for them. Some of these people have come back to church.
For example, when we come to Advent, we will be celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy and we will have a team to help us celebrate God’s mercy and our calling to be merciful to one another.
For example, our Pax Christl ministry is planning a campaign against violence and will be reaching out to the young people in our parish to make this world of ours less violent.
For example, soon we will have a Creation Care Team who will be dedicated to implementing the new encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato Si. We will be challenged to renew our relationships with God, one another, and our created world.

Is that exciting or what!
Peace and All Goodness,
Fr. roger— Pastor

From our Bishop 7/26/15

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Dear Friends in Christ,
With great joy and appreciation I give thanks to God for your prayers and support of the Seminary Burse Fund of the Archdiocese of Miami. Next weekend I invite you to continue your financial support, which correctly provides for the formation of those whom God is calling to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ.
Recently, during the World Day Prayer for Vocations, Pope Francis invited us to continue praying for men and women willing to give their lives to Christ and His Church. The Holy Father reminded us that “vocations are born in prayer and from prayer; and only through prayer, can they persevere and bear fruit.” As a result of your prayers, more men are answering God’s call to the Priesthood. This year, we are blessed that St. John Vianney College Seminary, located right here in the Archdiocese of Miami, will have more than eighty seminarians discerning God’s call and preparing to serve His Church.
Your contribution to the annual Seminary Burse Fund collection assists us in continuing and safeguarding that our seminarians, the future priests of your parish, receive the best formation possible. It is my hope that all our prayers, united to those of St. John Vianney, patron of priests, may bring about many holy men willing to serve the Church seeking the salvation of all souls.
For this reason, I especially encourage you to support the Seminary Burse Fund of the Archdiocese of Miami. Your generosity is a reminder of God’s love for His children. Thank you, and may you receive the abundant blessings of the Lord bestowed upon you and your loved ones. With personal best wishes, I am
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Thomas G. Wenski
Archbishop of Miami

Queridos amigos en Cristo,
Con gran alegría y aprecio, doy gracias a Dios por sus oraciones y apoyo a la Colecta Anual del Fondo del Seminario de la Arquidiócesis de Miami. Próximo fin de semana invito a continuar con su apoyo financiero, que se presta directamente a la formación de aquellos que Dios esté llamando al sacerdocio de Jesucristo.
Recientemente, durante el Día Mundial de Oración por las Vocaciones, el Papa Francisco nos invitaba a continuar orando por hombres y mujeres que estén dispuestos a dar sus vidas a Cristo y a su Iglesia. El Santo Padre nos recordaba que “las vocaciones nacen en la oración y de la oración; y solamente a través de la oración, ellos pueden perseverar y dar frutos.” Como resultado de sus oraciones, más hombres estén respondiendo al llamado de Dios a servir como sacerdotes. Este año, estamos bendecidos de que St. John Vianney College Seminary, localizado aquí mismo en la Arquidiócesis de Miami, tendré más de ochenta seminaristas discerniendo el llamado de Dios y preparándose para servir a su Iglesia.
Su contribución al Fondo del Seminario nos ayuda a que nuestros seminaristas, los futuros sacerdotes de su parroquia, reciban la mejor formación posible. Tengo la esperanza de que todas nuestras oraciones, unidas a las de San Juan María Vianney, patrón de los sacerdotes, puedan darnos muchos hombres santos dispuestos a servir a la Iglesia, buscando la salvación de todas las almas.
Por esta razón, los animo a apoyar el Fondo del Seminario de la Arquidiócesis de Miami. Su generosidad es un recordatorio del amor de Dios para con sus hijos. Gracias y que reciban abundantes bendiciones del Señor otorgado a ustedes y a sus seres queridos.
Atentamente en Cristo,
Reverendísimo Thomas G. Wenskl
Arzobispo de Miami

Hunger News – 7/19/15

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“You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them.
This is how prayer works.” Pope Francis

The St. Maurice Hunger Program has been feeding the hungry for 40 years. We support 21 feeding programs in 9 countries. We help fund school lunch programs, elderly feeding programs, food pantries and the feeding of orphans and street children. Four of our projects are located in Florida, and of these three are here in Broward County. At our monthly meetings held in the chapel, we pray for the poor. Because of the support we receive from our church community, we are able to do what Pope Francis asks of us.
Recently, Pope Francis issued an encyclical dealing with the environment and climate change. He stressed that we all have to make sacrifices to protect our planet. Drought is affecting not only portions of our country, but also third world countries where subsistence farming is the principle way people are fed. When crops wither and die due to lack of rain, people go hungry. Archbishop Wenski has said that we need to invoke “Creation Care”, which is a commitment to stewardship of the world’s resources. In the June edition of the St. Anthony’s Messenger there is an article by Tom Rinkowski entitled “Homegrown Justice”, which has some useful suggestions on how to encourage justice in dealing with our earth’s resources. We are encouraged to improve our relationships with the poor and the marginalized which can provide an opportunity to relate to people who pick and process our food, and to simplify our living style by recycling and using less of the earth’s resources. There is an old saying, “Waste not, want not” which we need to put into practice.

Two of our projects received their annual reviews at the June 22 Hunger Board meeting. The St. Martin de Porres Street Children’s Home located in San Pablo City in the Philippines provides 3 meals and 2 snacks daily to the 18 children living there. The on-site director, Mr. Arvin R Carandang sent pictures of the children planting trees on World Water Day, planting vegetables, and raising goats and chickens. It is very inspiring to see the children involved in activities to help the environment and raise their own food. Project Leader Richard Becconsall recommended that we continue to provide this project with the annual support of $3,600. The St. Charles Nutrition Program located in Ferrier, Haiti provides food for the 45 residents in 5 houses established by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, and 52 non-residents who are fed a noon meal. These elderly poor have no families to care for them. The project leader, Mary Becconsall recommended that the annual funding of $4,800 be continued.

Three of our projects are currently in need of project leaders. Two of the projects provide lunches to poor school children in the Dominican Republic, and the third project helps feed children living in Casa Guatemala in Guatemala City. If you would like to learn more about these projects and the responsibilities of a project leader, please plan to attend the next General Meeting of the Hunger Program which will be held on July 27 at 7:00PM in the chapel. We would welcome your attendance, and it would provide you with a way to follow the directions of Pope Francis.
God bless you for your love of the poor.
The Board of Directors of the St. Maurice Hunger Program

From the Bishop 7/12/15

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
By virtue of our baptism into Christ Jesus, we are all missionaries, beginning with our own families and parishes. Like the Apostles, we are encouraged to reach out to our brothers and sisters in faith, love, and sacrifice. We must continue to build God’s Kingdom in our world.
We invite you to help Build our Mission to the Missions by supporting the 2015 Black and Indian Mission Collection!
Your support provides the presence of missionaries here in African American, Native American, and Alaska Native missions, schools, and religious education programs. Your partnership places Bibles and catechetical materials in the hands of priests, consecrated women and men, and lay leaders in Black Catholic communities in the Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi; in Native American pueblos in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico; to the far reaching villages of Alaska; and so many other places. Your sacrifice addresses the need to train catechists, permanent deacons, and seminarians for future generations here in many of our neighborhoods and backyards.
Pope Francis reminds us in Lumen Fidei (51), “Faith helps us build our societies in such a way that they can journey towards a future of hope.” Your prayer needs to be constant as together we join our hearts and hands, always serving the Christian communities in love and in imitation of Christ, the first missionary sent from the Creator above.
In solidarity with our Holy Father and with each and every person, “The hands of faith are raised up to heaven, even as they go about building in charity a city based on relationships in which the love of God is laid as a foundation.” (Lumen Fidei, 51).
Thank you for your prayerful support of the Black and Indian Mission Collection.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Thomas G. Wenski
Archbishop of Miami
Queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo:
Desde finales del siglo 19, las donaciones a la Colecta para las Misiones Negras e Indígenas se han distribuido para apoyar los programas de evangelización en diócesis misioneras a través del país. Estos son programas que, de otra manera, estarían en pelígro de desaparecer entre las comunidades negras e indígenas arnericanas de los Estados Unidos.
La tradición evangelizadora continúa aquí, en la Arquidiócesis de Miami, mientras nos preparamos para la Colecta anual para las Misiones Negras e Indígenas que se realizara el fin de semana del 18 y 19 de julio de 2015. A lo largo de los Estados Unidos, innumerables misioneros, sacerdotes, religiosas, maestros y catequistas han trabajado todas sus vidas ayudando a las misiones negras e indígenas.
En la actualidad, este ministerío confinúa siendo muy necesario para la evangelización y para ofrecer los sacramentos a nuestras comtmidades negras e indígenas americanas. Contribuir a la colecta es una oportunidad para que los católicos participen activamente en los programas locales de evangelización.
Solicito a todas las personas en la Arquidiócesis de Miami que sean lo mas generosas posibles en la Colecta de las Misiones Negras e Indígenas. Participemos unidos en el trabajo de los misioneros a través del país, pues nuestras donaciones apoyan sus esfuerzos de evangelización.
Atentamente suyo en Cristo,
Reverendísimo Thomas G. Wenski
Arzobispo de Miami

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