In Our Own Words

Our mission statement identifies us as a family. St. Maurice is blessed to have among us a number of pioneer members who have seen our beginning and have been part of our growing. They are the living memory of the early times in our parish history which have made us who we are as family today.

These founders and early family members can tell of the dirt floor masses in the Stable. From them we learn of the singing priest and others who have enriched our lives and led us to grow in the image of Christ. They can tell us of the work and the play and the crying times that have shaped us.

Our family needs to savor and save its story. Then we can learn from it.

To make this possible, we invite you who have been here from the early days to share highlights of our story with your faith family. Your reflections and your recollections about those days will become part of our memories, too.

We look forward to hearing your stories in your own words.

Father Roger has asked Paula McCoy to begin the story telling. Paula tells a most remarkable story in her own words. Enjoy!