The word liturgy comes from Greek words meaning  the work of the people. At St. Maurice we focus mightily on the work involved in our various ministries. That work is varied and sometimes even down right dirty. It is important work, indeed, but it is not the core of our work.

Our Mission Statement challenges us to remember that the core of what we do is the work of the people, the Liturgy. We are told that “we continually renew our energies by celebrating around the Table of the Lord.” (Parish Mission Statement)  It is in our liturgical and sacramental actions that we find the source which sustains our strength as we work in our ministries. We celebrate the Eucharist and we celebrate the sacraments. It is in these celebrations that we find joy and the meaning of our ministries. It is in these celebrations that we “grow to be more  effective ministers in the name of Jesus.” (Parish Mission Statement)

With Jesus we give thanks to the Father who shares His all, even His very life, with us. We mark special times and events in our lives with each other. At a birth, we celebrate. At the  union  of a man and a woman, we celebrate.  We eat and drink and we celebrate!  Our children  grow to adulthood, we celebrate. We rise from falling, we celebrate.  The joy that radiates from our celebrations  infuses us with a quiet strength. That strength enables us to deal with our sorrows and  even our sickness. In the Liturgy and the sacraments we learn from the ordinary things and events of our lives.   God has chosen to use them to teach us to look for Him as He moves among us.

We treasure the Liturgy and the sacraments and  we strive mightily to celebrate them as they deserve to be celebrated. We are learning that  joy filled celebrations enhance the life and spirit of our ministries. The words emblazoned on the outer west wall of the Stable ring true in the liturgy and the sacraments.

“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God!” (Madeleine L’Engle)